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The more you know, the more you'll like us

There is no shortage of agencies and freelancers that can deliver video production services for the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, all video production companies are not created equally—not even close. And nothing can make or break your video project—not to mention your budget—faster than a video production company that can’t deliver what it promises.

New clients of Elm City Communications quickly realize that they have made a very wise investment. And our relationships with clients only get better over time. To assist you in your preliminary evaluation of us, we invite you to review what we—and our many satisfied clients—believe are our  “core competencies.”

Our Core Competencies

  • Healthcare Experience. Healthcare is all we do. Our team understands the intricacies and complexities that healthcare companies face.
  • Quality. From the people we employ to the equipment we maintain to the recommendations and finished products we deliver, quality is most important element of the equation.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Our overriding goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To that end, every member of the Elm City Communications team is highly responsive and flexible in meeting the needs of our clients. We stay highly engaged with our clients strategically as well as tactically.
  • Practical Innovation. Media production technologies are continually evolving. At Elm City Communications, we always stay abreast of the latest developments. When appropriate, we recommend innovative applications and help our clients implement them within their environments.
  • Trustworthy. At Elm City Communications, we strive to be a good steward of our clients’ resources working efficiently and leveraging existing communications assets whenever possible. We want you to get the greatest possible value out of your investment in video production.
  • Flexible. We work directly with clients and indirectly through public relations, advertising, and other communications agencies. No matter how we’re engaged, we offer a high degree of flexibility and teamwork ensuring that final products exceed expectations.


Stree Free Zone

Our typical client gets 200 to 300 emails a day.  They are in meetings for large chunks of the day.  They travel frequently.  They have a lot on their plates.  It’s the nature of the industry.  So when we work with a client, we work in such a way that requires the least amount of time and energy on their part as possible.  They tell us what they need done —and we proceed to do it.  Our clients know that with our 25 years of experience in healthcare communications, they just have to make the one phone call—and then go back to their busy days with no worries.  

We allow you to do your job while we take care of your project.
We add value.
We prevent concerns from becoming problems.
We reduce stress.
And our clients love it.


Satisfied Medical Video Production Clients Include...

Abbott Laboratories


American Liver Foundation

Aqua Pharmaceuticals


Boston University

Cancer Hope Network




Integrated Clinical
Trial Services


National Kidney Foundation

National Assoc. of Transplant Coordinators


Ortho Biotech


Roche Laboratories


Rutgers University


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