There’s no shortage of companies who say they can deliver video production services for the healthcare industry. But if you’re in the healthcare industry, one conversation with anybody on our team, and you’ll quickly understand what sets Elm City apart.

  • We know how to produce for the healthcare industry from script-to-screen, focusing on accuracy, health advocacy, and the critically important details that need to be communicated. We understand how something as seemingly trivial as a missing comma can either derail an approval process or redefine success. Flawless – the first time. With Elm City, that’s not a goal. It’s our commitment.
  • We have experience navigating the most stringent review policies and schedules, both internal and external, and account for that in the planning phase.
  • We know healthcare organizations are overwhelmed with responsibilities virtually every day of the year. Our expertise in the field helps alleviate the pressure you’re under and minimizes overall project timing. We excel at anticipating common industry-specific problems and pride ourselves on calling attention to details others might overlook, sometimes as early in the process as our first call.
Our clients include

Pharmaceutical companies
Biotech companies
Medical device companies
Medical associations
Healthcare organizations
Life Sciences companies
Healthcare Services companies

Healthcare consulting firms
Health information companies
Pharmaceutical services companies
Drug discovery companies
Clinical Research Organizations
Contract Sales Organizations
Contract Manufacturing Organizations