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Many video production companies will say they “do” healthcare. But they also “do” other industries. At Elm City, we are purely healthcare. We know the business inside and out.  We are specialists.  And that’s why we can give each client the insight, knowledge and experience that other companies cannot provide.  I mean, would you want your heart transplant performed by the surgeon who learned to do it last year?  Or the surgeon who’s done 300? 

I opened Elm City in 1995 literally as small as it could be — on my dining room table with a computer on it.  Eventually, my wife decided she might like to eat a meal on the dining room table every now and then – so I moved into the basement and then soon after into an actual office.  Because of my background in healthcare, I was fortunate that I had an engaged client base right from the start.

Since 1995, we have built a strong company and an incredible team where everyone is multi-talented.  Nobody just does their primary job—which is why we can respond quickly to unpredictable situations and still meet what some think of as “impossible” deadlines.  And because Elm City is a great place to work, we retain our staff.  That stability is valuable to our clients.  We have historical knowledge of each company, each project, the way each client works and thinks.

Plus, at Elm City, we use our years of experience to add value to each project – make suggestions our clients never dreamed of— and prevent problems they could never have anticipated.  We are proud that our clients keep coming back year after year.

Most played song on iPod: 
“What is Hip” by Tower of Power.  (Google it.)

Best part of working at Elm
Healthcare is always changing, always evolving. We’re working on projects for drugs that are used to treat diseases that no one even heard about until recently. I truly enjoy working in the healthcare industry and the great opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

What you might not know about me:
I grew up in New Haven, Connecticut – the “Elm City”.  Years ago, a childhood friend and I set out on a project to visit every city in the United States named “New Haven”.  It took us 10 years, but we visited all 19.  And I have about 1,000 photos to prove it.

Stu has worked in the healthcare industry since 1988. He received a BS from Ithaca College and an MA from Seton Hall University in Communications.  His  work has earned awards from the National Kidney Foundations and the National Donor Family Council for programs produced to increase awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation.

Vice President of Operations

I’m a logistics guy.  I like to figure out how to make things work. So when different projects come in, it’s fun and challenging to figure out how we’re going to accomplish them for each client.  When we complete a project, there are no worries for the end user.  We tested it 10 times—it works.

The day-to-day excitement of working in healthcare communications is enjoyable to me because my job evolves every day.  Each project is truly different.  I’m constantly spec’ing different technologies and trying to come up with ways to use that technology in order to make it function correctly for our clients and bring value to their projects. 

Not only do our clients look to us for our expertise in the field of pharma—but also our expertise on the process.  They love the fact they can come to us and we can easily take them through the project from soup to nuts – including creative, scripting, technology, getting the project through legal – to its completion.  We build in reviews for them so when they get their project – it’s true to the original estimate. What I hear back from my clients is “Wow, you guys made that really easy!”

Attention to detail and quality are really important in video production. At Elm City, the quality of both the product and the message are at the core of everything we do.

What’s the #1 song played on your iPod?
“Rain King” by Counting Crows

What’s the best part of your work at Elm City?
It’s healthcare video done right.  When we complete a project, I'm proud of the quality of product we’re putting out there.  We’re never looking to just get it done— we look to get it done right the first time.  Our goal is to make our clients look good. 

What you might not know about me:
I like to brew my own beer.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Rick graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Television Production.  He interned for both “Live! with Regis and Kathy Lee” and “Dharma and Greg” and has built and maintained edit systems for clients such as Yes Network and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Vice President of Production

Our clients get personal treatment.  Not only is every project unique, but every client has their own style and personality, and we are masters at understanding that.  We’re all about successful collaboration and going the extra mile.  We want our clients to be pleased with the work we do, and the experience they had with us. 

My job at Elm City is managing people and projects.  The cool thing about working here is that there’s a great sense of trust, camaraderie and fun not only within our team, but also with our clients.  This extends also to people that we bring in for specific projects.  We have long relationships with many of these talented professionals – but also are constantly bringing new talent to the pool.  So we stay fresh – but secure. 

In an industry where there’s a high turnover rate, Elm City has remained a constant for 18 years.  We’re in it for the long haul. We’re not here one day and gone the next.  If you come back three years later, we know who you are and what we worked on together. You don’t go back in a file.  We know our clients, we understand them and then the next time we work with them, we’re already a step ahead.

But not only do we all pull together and work really hard – we also play hard – like friends and family. There’s a lot of respect around here, and that’s the way we treat our clients.  So it kind of goes full circle.  It’s a business with a real personal connection.

Most played song on iPod:
Anything by Prince

Best part of working at Elm:
There is so much humor here.  And generosity.  We give back to the community by producing pro bono projects for local and national non-profits.  It’s a giving kind of company.  

What you might not know about me:
I love Tuscany and have visited there often.  Even got married there.  I love the lifestyle, and the welcoming feeling I get from the people.  The things that are important to them are important to me – enjoying people’s company over fantastic food and wine – there’s nothing better for me.

Prior to joining Elm City in 1999, Meredith worked as a casting director in Los Angeles for television and feature films.  At Elm City, she specializes in project management techniques for the seemingly impossible deadlines—assuring that every project is delivered on time and on budget.  She earned a BS in Communications from Emerson College.

What clients are saying about
Elm City...

“Your commitment to constantly improving and enhancing the video production at the [U.S. Transplant] Games is deeply appreciated by the Foundation and all our participants. The requests from the video began coming in as soon as the torch was extinguished.”

—Director of Communications

“We appreciate your efforts on behalf of our program. The information provided on the video greatly facilitated our recruitment.”

—Associate Professor and Chair

“Thank you for all your hard work on the video. We were happy to be part of such a great production.”

—Community Relations Manager

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